What I know and teach is simple, but not easy.

Your greatest life coach may just be....


 (Stay with me here....)

You are strong, capable, and creative.

You were taught that this was the definition of success.

You, my friend, and those you love most, are also mortal.

You know how life can shift like a techtonic plate with a serious diagnosis, the death of a loved one -or patient.

This is your life.

Amidst major life transitions

you still hold the power to choose

to honor your heart and wisdom

to get on with what matters most, defined by the only expert in you (you)


to start co-creating your unique circles of support as you age through your last days of living.

You can start now.

I can show you how.

 I coach individuals and lead transformational programs that engage women, healthcare staff, and community leaders to join me in turning our fears or denial of death into catalysts to honor our lived experiences, share our stories and learn how we can co-create the things that matter most as we age through our last days of living: communication, community connections, and care.


Because, this is our life we are talking about.

And....because we can.