Praise on Working with Mary

Strategic Consultant

“NHS Cumbria has worked closely with Mary Matthiesen and Conversations for Life to develop a successful pilot programme in Cumbria which has been a catalyst for community awareness and education relating to end of life care and support for dying well. I am delighted that Mary is expanding this work to roll out the programme in other areas. I wish her every success.”

Professor John R. Ashton,CBE
Director, Faculty of Public Health, UK
Former Director of Public Health and County Medical Officer

Passionate Educator

“I thought you’d be interested in some feedback re: the workshop I did at our conference on ‘Conversations for Life’. Brilliant, informative, thought provoking, stimulating, beautiful… One delegate looks forward to seeing the use of this tool with patients. Of all the workshops at the conference, it has to be said that the Conversations for Life scored the HIGHEST.”

Dawn Tierney, Chaplain (trained facilitator)
re: Conversations for Life Presentation at AHPCC Conference

Boomer Woman (sample quotes)

“Everything else was so much about forms and laws. This was about love.”

“I wasn’t sure what I needed to say, but knew I had to start talking. To find my voice. To put into writing what I wanted those around me to know when the time comes.”

“Thank you Mary. This workshop is is the missing piece”.  – Born to Age

Health and Community Engagement Leaders

“My boss told me I was to engage communities. Here. Get on with it. And I thought, I totally understand the need, yet I’m a nurse. I don’t know anything about community engagement….”

 To hear messages from  health and community leaders about this work look here:

Professionals Testimonials – Staff Workshops

“Without a doubt, one of the best and most useful learning events I have been on. I am really enthusiastic about using this with my families that I work with.”

“It will reinforce the importance of allowing time for these discussions to take place. And never assume you what a patient wants and what is important to them.”

“Not being afraid to explore the patient’s needs and what the carers’ know about those needs.”

“I’m more empowered to not push the information we provide about end of life to the back.”

Public Testimonials-Public Workshops

“I went home and talked with my father. He assumed our wishes would be the same. It opened up the conversation to realise that wasn’t the case.”

“Thank you. I’ve just told my daughter things we’ve never talked about. It always seems like there will be the ‘right time’. There really isn’t any ‘right time’ is there?”

“My husband and I are going to go through the materials together and then call a family meeting. We don’t want anyone to question what we would want and now realise they would unless we talk about it.”

“I learned how important it is to say what I like and dislike in case I cannot communicate to carers. This workshop has been inspirational. Thank you.”

Medical Student Rotation

“What your exercises and ability to facilitate have done…they couldn’t fail to engage. It caused them to think and reflect on their practice in relevant ways, most importantly, how to relate on a much more meaningful level with patients. More than a comm. skills course, this helped overcome their fear of talking about death.

Helen Clayson, M.D.,Medical Director
Hospice of St. Mary’s of Furness Palliative Care Staff, Cumbria, UK

“I have found today really quite amazing and eye opening.”

“A fantastic course. I would have liked more of it!”

“The course should be repeated many times to give others the opportunity to learn so much.”