Speaking Enquiries

Your group or audience are mortal. They have their stories.

They want to make a difference.

They care.

We all need the inspiration to keep going, to overcome obstacles, 

to make the difference we are here to make.

Sometimes, we need a reminder, a kick in the pants to get on with it.
Sometimes we need a reminder that we are worthy… of giving AND receiving care.

The more people we reach from the heart, the more we can work together to create change.

I have  presented at international conferences from women in business

to public health and palliative care. 

I speak from the heart. I care.

If I can help you inspire your group to overcome the procrastination of talking about, planning ahead for, or creating more compassionate communities for living and dying well, contact me to discuss.

Together, let’s inspire your group to make the difference they are here to make!


Topics For Boomers, Seniors and Communities

Making the Most of Your Third Act  

“There was more practical wisdom in this than I’ve heard in years.”  -Paul Tasner, Entrepreneur and Ted Talk Inspiration: How I became an entrepreneur at 66

“You’re information was spot on. You are a gift of wisdom and compassion. Keep up the good work.” -Nancy Stern, Belonging Coach, Genentech


Topics to Engage and Inspire Health/Social Care, Care Staff: Conferences & Workshops  

Simple Tools to Start the Conversation

Care for the Journey-Sustaining Compassion and Care



Topics for Regional/National Healthcare, Hospice, Care Home Associations

to Inspire Staff or Launch Strategic Change Initiatives

Starting from Scratch: Engaging Communities in End of Life Conversations and Care

Through Our Eyes: Engaging Minority Communities in End of Life Conversations and Care

Compassionate Communities: The Connection between Public Health and End of Life Care