Work with Me

Are you ….

An inspired baby-boomer woman like me, who after  the death of a loved one (or patient) are called to make a difference in your life, through your work, or in your community but aren’t sure where or how to begin.

You might be a….

  • forward-thinking health, hospice and community leader  who either wants to engage their communities in end of life conversations and care, but  aren’t sure how to begin, or are slightly more than afraid to do this amidst already full plates, constant change, and within budgets. (see more about this at Conversations for Life Consulting and Facilitation Model)
  • passionate facilitator/educators who know there’s always more to learn to  expand their approach, their impact, or their toolkits to engage others. (see more about this on Conversations for Life Facilitator Training)

OR a

  •  Baby boomer (or younger, I age myself), woman or man who is ready to tell your story. Who is realizing that everything you’ve ever done has led you to now. To make the difference you are here to make. To love and let go. To live your life more fully. And to leave your legacy-even if you aren’t quite sure what that is. (see more about Mary’s forthcoming book Dying to Make a Difference and contact her for a 1:1 coaching consultation.)